Wooden Crate Options

Access Door

Access Door can be used to provide access to areas of a wooden crate that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Crate access door closed Crate access door open


A-Frames are used to stand the crate up during shipping. These are commonly used for artwork and TV crates.

A Frame crate tv crate with a frame art crate with a frame


Casters are placed on the bottom of the crate allowing it to roll. There are several different types and sizes of casters. Optional swivel caster allow for turning the crate. Locking casters are also available. Our typical 3" caster has a 250 lbs rating and our 5" caster has a 750 lbs rating.

Caster Tradeshow Crate with casters Shipping Crate with casters

Cleat - Removable

When in place, removable cleats are used to secure items during shipping. Removing them allows for easy packing and unpacking.

Removable wood cleat close up crate with removable cleat with foam


Doors are used to provide tool-less entry to the interior of of the crate.

Trade Show crate with doors Trade Show Crate with open doors Large Trade Show Crate with open doors


D-Rings are used with straps to secure items during shipping

D-Ring and Strap Trade Show Crate with D-Ring and straps Motorcycle Crate with D-Ring and straps


E-Tracks provide multiple locations to attach straps, rings, and or hooks to secure and item while transporting.

E-Track sample Wooden Crate with E-Tracks Wooden Crate with E-Tracks and Foam


Completely foam lined or foam strips in strategic areas.

Foam lined crate Wooden Crate with Foam strips Wooden Crate with Foam


Gussets are either boards or triangular shaped pieces of plywood used to strengthen joints. They can also be used as a bumper to help protect any hardware on the crate.

gusset crate with gusset board and plywood gusset


Handles can be use to to help facilitate the lifting of small wooden crates or removable panels. They can also be used to ease the opening of doors.

metal handle crate handle crate handle

Inspection Window

Inspection Windows let you look inside the crate without having to open it.

Crate with inpection window

Klimp® Fasteners

Klimp® fasteners are used to fasten the wood panels together on knock-down reusable crates. For additional information see our Klimp® fasteners page.

Klimp Tool

Link Locks

Link Locks are a type of rotary action latch. We use link locks to keep doors closed or to attach removable panels

Link Lock Link Lock open Shipping crate with link locks

Link Locks for Padlocks

Link Locks for Padlocks are used when you would like to use your own padlock to secure the crate.

Link Lock for Padlock closed Link Lock for Padlock open Link Lock for pad lock

Load Bar

Load Bars hold themselves in place with tension. The are used to help prevent items from moving during shipping.

Load Bar Load Bar Load Bar

Locking Link Locks

Locking Link Locks work the same as link locks but are keyed for security

Locking Link Lock Shipping Crate with Locking Link Lock Trade Show Crate with Locking Link Lock

Piano Hinge

A Piano Hinge is used on crate doors and typically run the full length of the door. 4 inch piano hinge for ramps.

Shipping Crate with piano hinge Trade Show Crate with piano hinge Ramp Crate with piano hinge

Protection Straps

Protection Straps are used to restrict the movement of items. They can be used at the interior of doors to prevent items from falling out of the crate when the doors are opened.

Protection Straps detailed view Protection Straps in trade show crate

Ramp - Internal

Ramps are used to wheel heavy items into a crate.

Trade Show Crate with ramp wood ramp wood crate ramp

Ramp - External

Ramps are used to wheel heavy items into a crate.

Crate with external ramp external wood ramp Crate with external ramp in up position

Safety Hasp

A safety hasp are used with padlock to securely close crate doors

crate safety hasp


Shelves and dividers provid separate storage areas inside the crate.

Crate Shelf Crate Shelves Crate with Shelves and Compartments

Shock Watch

Shock Watch

Shock Watch Crate Shock Watch Sticker


Skid-Mates look like donuts that are bolted on to the bottom of the wooden crate. They can provide some cushion to the bottom of the crate as well as provide fork lift access.

skidmate crate with skidmate skidmates bottom of crate


Stenciling is a cost effective way to place your company's name on your crate. We also use stenciling on crates for standard labels to indicate which side is up and if content is fragile or other similar standard shipping messages.

Crate stenciling company name Crate stenciling example Crate stenciling address

Strap Hinges

Strap hinges are used to allow a panel or part of a panel to open. Typically used on doors, lids or ramps of crates.

Strap Hinge Shipping Crate Strap Hinge Crate Ramp Crate with Strap hinges

Threaded Insert

Threaded inserts provide a strong machined thread used when repeat fastening is required.

Threaded insert with bolt Threaded insert no bolt Threaded insert close-up

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