Wooden Storage Crates

Wooden crates are not only essential for protecting valuable merchandise, equipment, and personal belongings while in storage, but can also improve floor space at your plant, warehouse, business or residence.

Small storage crates can be custom made as stackable boxes, and have options such as carrying handles, casters, removable tops or hinged lids, top and door latches or a locking mechanism. Other custom storage crate options include doors and ramps, tie-downs and straps, drawers or sliding and mobile hardware. Our custom storage crates can be lined with white polyethylene foam or grey polyurethane foam in thicknesses up to 4 inches for cushioned protection of your fragile contents. Our custom storage crates can also be custom labeled to indicate the contents of the crate or your company name and logo.

Storage crates can stack 3 or 4 crates high with a forklift for large storage crates like our storage vaults.

For large projects, Caseworks Crating starts by taking inventory of your items and building adequate storage crates that work within your existing space parameters. Our team of professionals will provide drawings and specifications of your custom storage crates to assure complete customer satisfaction of our quality products. First you may want to check out all of the crate options to help you decide what is best for your custom storage crate.

Wooden Storage Crate Storage Crate for Oriental Rug Custom Artwork Storage Crate Custom Fine Art Storage Crate

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