Motorcycle Shipping Crates

Caseworks Crating and Shipping offers premium crating solutions for shipping your Motorcycle or ATV. We custom build our crates to provide a tailored fit for your bike, no matter what size or shape.

Our motorcycle crates are engineered and built to maximize space, facilitate shipping and provide maximum protection. Sturdy four-way base provides forklift access from all side of the crate. Side panels are constructed using both framing and plywood members. Blocking and tie downs to keep your motorcycle stationary and secure during shipping. Crate braces add to the structural integrity of the crate.

We can certify our crates for exporting anywhere in the world. Need help with the actual shipping process? Caseworks can manage all of the shipping details for you. See our shipping services page for additional information.

Wood Motorcycle Crate Wood Motorcycle Crate

Motorcycle Crating Sequence

Motorcycle Crating Step 1 Block and Strap rear end
Motorcycle Crating Step 1 Block and Strap front end
Motorcycle Crating Step 1 Motorcycle secured to crate bottom
Motorcycle Crating Step 1 Crate sides are attached
Motorcycle Crating Step 1 Blocking added to secure motorcycle
Motorcycle Crating Step 1 Fully assembled Motorcycle Crate

Motorcycle Crate Gallery

ATV Shipping Crate
Wooden shipping crate with ATV
Shipping crate with motorcycle
Motorcycle Wood Pallet before Crating

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