Hexacomb® brand Honeycomb Custom Packaging Parts & Structural Components

Hexacomb brand panels are a lightweight, yet sturdy shipping and packaging solution. Hexacomb is constructed from kraft paper liner board that is glued to form an internal honeycomb shape, then sandwiched between 1 or 2 face sheets to form a rigid panel that can be used as a replacement for plywood. The result is a strong, versatile, lightweight panel that is 100% recyclable, FDA approved and does not require fumigation for export shipping. Stronger than corrugated board, Hexacomb can be used for protective padding, corner protectors, die-cut supports and void filler inserts for custom product packaging. As a plywood replacement, Hexacomb comes in various thicknesses and is also used for disposable pallets. The facing sheets can be coated with Michelmann anti-abrasive wax coating, or Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA).

Uses for Hexacomb® panels include:

  • Packaging (i.e. Appliances, Electronics, etc.)
  • Furniture (i.e. Packaging and internal structure)
  • Structural Components (i.e. Doors and partitions)
  • Rolled Goods (i.e. Paper rolls and plastic film)
  • Corner Protectors - Void Fillers - Cushioning
  • Disposable Shipping Pallets

Our company can supply large quantity production of custom Hexacomb honeycomb packaging die cut shapes, void filler, corner protectors, inserts and any custom packaging or structural component your business requires. Hexacomb disposable pallets are available in standard and custom sizes.

Hexacomb honeycomb Pallet
  • REUSABLE - Hexacomb brand honeycomb pallets are strong and can handle up to 2,000lbs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lighter weight means lower customer shipping charges.
  • CUSTOM MADE-TO-ORDER - Custom shapes & sizes available.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY - An Earth-Friendly alternative, safe for the environment.
Hexacomb Honeycomb die cut shapes Hexacomb Honeycomb corner protection

Specifications and Options

Panel Sizes:  Length up to 144”, Width up to 60”

Thickness:  3/8” up to 4”, multiple layers can be combined for thicker applications.

Cell Performance:  11 PSI to 60 PSI standard; higher PSI available.

Facing Paper Grades:  26# to 90# kraft board, other customized papers upon request.

Coatings:  Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), Anti-Abrasive, and Flame-Resistant coatings.

Custom Fabricating:  Miter Cut - Punch Cut - Slit Score - Laminations - Cookie Cut Breakaway.

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