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Crates built by Caseworks Crating has become a science for us after making custom wooden crates for over 20 years - Our crates are custom engineered with dimensional and construction drawings for assurance of a quality-built product made to your specifications. We build our crates to be extremely durable to withstand repeated shipping and handling. Our crates are custom constructed with standard fir materials or your choices of buiding materials and optional wood species, including birch, mahogany, oak, or any number of available plywoods or lumber. Our crates can be custom manufactured with optional carrying handles, hinged lids and doors, latches, hasps and locks, foam lined interiors and Skid-Mates® shock-resistant feet, partitions, drawers, ramps and casters. Crates are labeled with shipping instructions, and any warnings necessary. Crates can be labeled with your company logo or any promotional signage if desired.

Crates made from high quality materials are essential for protecting fragile items that require a higher level of care. We build our crates according to the cargo being stored inside during shipping, making sure the item or items are secure and cushioned if necessary. Crates with appropriate bracing ensures safe arrival of your precious contents to your destination. Our custom crates are suitable for both shipping and storage of your valuables. Caseworks crates are made in the USA, and adhere to strict construction standards that help make our crates last.

Our friendly staff of professionals can help you get started and get you exactly the crate with any of our options you need for your crating project. Whether you need one or one thousand crates, Caseworks crates are designed to be durable to withstand frequent shipping and handling. Whatever your crating needs, Caseworks builds durable custom wooden crates that will last for years to come.

Crates built for Trade show Crates for Trade show has ramp, partitions
Crates for shipping Crates mass-produced any quantity

Crate Photos and Capabilities

Large Wooden Shipping Crates
Wooden Shipping Crates
Crates secured to pallets
Crates on pallets
Crates store products inside
Crates used for commercial event
Crates with casters, hinged lid display logo
Crates with casters, foam lined, hinged lid
Crates with shuttle for transporting museum fine art
Wooden Shipping Crates
Crates with slots in foam store products inside
Crates for trade show with slots in foam, hinged doors for access
Crates with drawers store products inside
Crates for trade show with shuttle crates and access ramp
Crates for shipping of fragile sculpture and pottery
Crates for fragile shipping of artwork and pottery
Stacking Crates for shipping tiles
Wooden Shipping Crate on pallet
Crates and pallets local delivery truck
Crates with latching lids on pallet for shipping
Crates on truck ready for shipping

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