Used, Refurbished & Surplus Shipping Crates

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Custom made wooden shipping crates of superior quality and craftsmanship.
Complete shipping services nationwide.

>>>Please feel free to make us an offer on our surplus shipping crates<<<

#37: ”NEW“ New, Never Used, Customer cancellation
Three identical crates with interior carpeted skid

Size: Inside Dimensions: 102” W X 53” D X 54” H
Outside Dimensions: 106” W X 55-1/2” D X 54” H

1/2” Plywood panels sides and top, Floor- 3/4” Plywood 4 way 2 x 6 framed.
96” x 48” removable interior carpted skid, D-Rings Removable front panel with Link Locks.

Surplus Crate 37a
Surplus Crate 37b
Surplus Crate 37e
Surplus Crate 37d
Surplus Crate 37c
Surplus Crate 37f

#28: ”NEW“ Customer cancellation, 2 Door Plywood Tradeshow Crate

Size: Inside Dimensions: 50” W X 42” D X 72” H
Outside Dimensions: 52-1/2” W X 44-1/2” D X 85-1/4” H
Outside Dimensions with Gussets: 54” W X 46” D X 85-1/4” H

Weight: 377 LBS

1/2” Plywood panels sides and top. Floor- 3/4” Plywood 4 way 2 x 6 framed 2 Doors with strap hinges.
Barrel Bolts, Link Locks, Padlock Link Lock, Hitching Rings and Strap

Surplus Crate 28a
Surplus Crate 28b
Surplus Crate 28e
Surplus Crate 28d
Surplus Crate 28c
Surplus Crate 28f

#4: Tradeshow Crate For Sale - $149

Size: Inside Dimensions: 22.5"L X 27.5"W X 55.5"H
Outside Dimensions 25"L X 30"W X 64.375"H
Weight - 149lbs - #17189 CRT9

Multi-compartment trade show crate. Foam-lined compartments, Locking Casters, Latching removable front panel.

wooden crates
wooden crates

#10: "NEW" Over Run Shipping / Storage Crates - $312 - $297

Size: Inside Dimensions: 45.5"L X 45.5"W X 45"H
Outside Dimensions: 48"L X 48"W X 51.25"H
Standard crate

Standard crate; top and front screwed on for easy access. Price for 1 $312 and price for 2 or more $297.

standard crate
standard wood crate

#11c: (1 each) Slat-Wall Crate for Sale - $149

Size: Inside Dimensions: 85.25"L X 24.75"W X 3.75"H
Outside Dimensions: 90.5"L X 30"W X 10.13"H
Slat-Wall Crate, European Union Certified Crate

Slat-Wall crate; partially foamed lined, bolted with threaded inserts, skid-mates

standard crate
standard wood crate

#17a: Shipping / Storage Crate 17189 crt1 - $135

Size: Inside Dimensions: 24”L X 23.75”W X 58.75”H
Outside Dimensions: 26.5”L X 26.5”W X 64.75”H
Weight: 131 lbs
Shipping / Storage Crate

Loose Cleats, Internal Blocking attached to sides

Surplus Shipping crate 17a
Surplus Shipping crate 17a

#20: Trade Show Crate - Sale Price: $997

Size: Inside Dimensions: 56-3/4”L x 48-3/4”W x 36”H
Outside Dimensions: 59-1/4”L x 51-1/4”W x 47-1/2”H
Weight: 560 lbs

Sold for $1780 sale price $997 only used 1 time. Doors on front and top back section. The wood that separates the compartments are attached by brackets and seem easily removable

Surplus Trade Show crate 20a
Surplus Trade Showcrate 20b
Surplus Trade Show crate 20c
Surplus Trade Show crate 20d
Surplus Trade Show crate 20g
Surplus Trade Show crate 20g
Surplus Trade Show crate 20h
Surplus Trade Show crate 20i
Surplus Trade Show crate 20e

#21: ”NEW“ Over Run Crates - Sale Price: $234 - $199

Size: Inside Dimensions: 35”L X 35”W X 30”H
Outside Dimensions: 37.25”L X 37.25”W X 36.125”H
Weight: 115 LBS

Opens front or top or both. Price for 1- $234, and for 3 or more $199 ea.

Surplus Over Run Crate 21a
Surplus Over Run Crate 21b
Surplus Over Run Crate 21c
Surplus Over Run Crate 21d

#22: ”NEW“ Never Used Crates - Sale Price: $425

Size: Inside Dimensions: 45.75”L X 45.75”W X 43”H, (Floor to Valance = 50.25”H)
Outside Dimensions: 48”L X 48”W X 60.25”H
Weight: 242 LBS


Surplus Over Run Crate 22a
Surplus Over Run Crate 22b
Surplus Over Run Crate 22c
Surplus Over Run Crate 22d

#23: ”NEW“ Never Used, birch plywood Display Crate - Sale Price: $342

Size: Inside Dimensions: 40.5”L X 40.5”W X 40.5”H
Outside Dimensions: 42”L X 42”W X 42”H
Weight: 175 LBS

Customer ordered in error. New display crate

Surplus Over Run Crate 23a
Surplus Over Run Crate 23b

#24: ”USED“ Slightly Used, Luan plywood Crates (2) - Sale Price: $275 ea.

Size: Inside Dimensions: 48”L X 26”W X 39”H
Outside Dimensions: 51.75”L X 29.75”W X 47.375”H
Weight: 141 LBS

6- 3" black casters with brake, Hinged top, Removable front panel
Lockable linklocks, Gussets. 2 available.

Surplus Over Run Crate 24b
Surplus Over Run Crate 24c

#26: ”NEW“ Large Plywood Crate - Foam-lined - Sale Price: $397.

Size: Inside Dimensions: 41”W X 20.5”D X 66”H - foam-to-foam
Outside Dimensions: 45.75”W X 25.25”D X 74.25”H
Weight: 182 LBS

1/2" plywood sides and top, 3/4" plywood bottom.

Surplus Over Run Crate 26a
Surplus Over Run Crate 26b

#27: ”USED“ Large Plywood Carpet Crate - Sale Price: $199.

Size: Inside Dimensions: 66”W X 21.5”D X 22.5”H 
Outside Dimensions: 70”W X 24.5”D X 30.5”H

Hinged top with link locks.

Surplus Crate 27a
Surplus Crate 27b

#30: ”New“ Crates - Price: $197.60 for 1 and $169.25 for 3 or more.

Size: Inside Dimensions: 35 1/2”W X 22 1/2”D X 15 3/4”H 
Outside Dimensions: 38”W X 25”D X 22”H

Surplus Crate 30a
Surplus Crate 30b

#31: Returned Crate - Price: $225

Size: Inside Dimensions:
36”W X 9”D X 40.5”H (Wood to Foam),
36”W X 10”D X 41.5”H (Wood to Wood)
Outside Dimensions: 38.5”W X 13.5”D X 53”H
3 1/2" large casters, Poly Foam Bottom, Urethane Foam Back, Linklocks, Tie Down Strap. 130lbs.


Surplus Crate 31a
Surplus Crate 31b

#32: Returned Crate - Price: $149

Size: Inside Dimensions: 30.5”W X 18”D X 33.25”H ,
Outside Dimensions: 32.75”W X 20.25”D X 39.5”H

Surplus Crate 32a
Surplus Crate 32b

#33: Used once Foam lined Crate - Price: $125

Size: Inside Dimensions: 11 1/8”W X 9”D X 5”H (Foam to Foam), 15.5”W X 13.5”D X 9.5”H (Wood to Wood),
Outside Dimensions: 17”W X 15”D X 12”H
2” Polyethylene Foam Lining, 4” crate handles. 21 lbs.


Surplus Crate 33a
Surplus Crate 33b

#34: Returned Crate - Price: $25

Size: Inside Dimensions:
38”W X 38”L X 2.5”D (Foam to Foam),
39”W X 39”D X 3.5”H (Wood to Wood)
Outside Dimensions: 42”W X 42”L X 4”D
1/2” Foam lined. Used once. 46 lbs.

Surplus Crate 34a
Surplus Crate 34b

#36: New Crate - Over manufacture - Price: $274

Size: Inside Dimensions:
60” W X 27” L X 16” H,
Outside Dimensions: 62.25” W X 29.25” L X 23.5” H
Skid Mates. 115 lbs.

Surplus Crate 36a
Surplus Crate 36b

>>>Please feel free to make us an offer on our surplus crates<<<

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